Make your app popular

Whenever you create an application, the very first thing you want is that maximum people download this application and use it. The application has been created using some or the other concept or thinking in mind. And to make the whole thing work, users have to download the application. When you create an app, you very well understand that people will not get to know about this application on their won. Instead they will have to be told about this particular application that you have created. You yourself will have to find ways through which you can reach out to the people and the masses with your application and the purpose of your application. For this marketing and publicity is very important. It is very important that you advertise our own application in the right manner.

When you want to advertise and market your application, you can do so with the help of many things. The most effective way is by using a process called the app optimization. This process enables you to market and publicize your app in the most effective manner ever. By using this process you can very well increase the visibility of your particular application on all the application stores. By visibility here would mean that the place where your application shall be featured will be among the top places in the application where it can be noticed. The whole point of this process is to place your application in such a place in the app store that whoever opens the app store, notices the appThis is how the chances of getting the app installed increases. When the application will get notices, people will want to download it and use it at least once. This process is an excellent way of advertising a particular application.

Football: Who wins if scores are equal

It is understood that the team which scores more goals wins. But what happens in games where the number of goals scores remains equal. The treatment of such games depends upon the stage of the tournament in which the game is played. If it is a league match then the game is considered to be draw. In knockout games there has to be a clear cut winner. Hence the game is treated as a tie and extra time play is allowed for a period of 30 minutes is allowed being divided into 15 minutes in each half. If the scores remain tied after 30 minutes of extra time, the penalty shootout is the only way out. Each team is give five shots at the goal alternatively and the tem which scores more wins. In case this too remains equal, the penalties are continued as a sudden death method on a one to one basis and the team which secures a clean lead of one goal is declared the winner.

In the late nineties a new concept was tried out by doing away with the penalty shootout. It was decided that the team which breaks the deadlock in the extra time was declared the winner. This was known as the golden goal method. Alternatively it was also tried out that the team which remained in the lead at the end of the first half time was declared the winner. This is known as the silver goal method. The golden goal experiment was conducted in the 1998 and 2002 FIFA World Cup tournament. France beat Paraguay in the first match of the World Cup in 1998 by the golden goal method. Germany was the first country to score a golden goal in a major championship. The silver goal method was tried out in Euro 2004. Both the practices have been discontinued now.